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bank, but when he saw the ugly, shaggy brute
again he grabbed It with a savage growl and
tugged and pulled at It until he had drawn It
every inch of the way back to our camp.

Consternation swept the canip when they found
out what we had brought back with us, un-

It was a wolverine! The wolverine, the crazy
king of the Rockies,, the killer of the elk and the
bear and the moose—the most dangerous animal
known to the Indian.

Our fathers chastised us for pulling things out
of holes which we knew nothing about. And they
threatened us with the rawhide lash if we ever
went out "hunting9 again In that strange region.

North of this place where we were now camping
there was a solid wrall of rock about four thousand
feet high5 which began there and ran northwards
as far as the eye could reach. Our fathers said
that this massive, greyish-yellow mountain was a
mountain-lion range3 and they decided to move
our camp up near it, where they could bag a few
of these big beasts and make themselves some
leggings out of their tawny skins.

We moved up there^ and remained several days
hunting the mountain-lion away up on the dizzy
crags of this lofty wall of rock* Our warriors
would climb high up on the narrow paths of the
mountain-goat,, which had been worn precariously